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Tuesday, July 17th 2012

10:32 PM

Tv teen porn


Related article: Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2006 21:59:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: John Gerald gay teen porn websites

Subject: Connections 13Thanks for keeping up with the saga. Sorry in advance sex and teens for typos, it's just
spell check and me. By the way, it's always great to hear from people, so
let me know what you think. connectwriteryahoo.comIt would have been a great morning if they didn't have the move-out lurking
ahead. As he woke up, Mike thought about how wonderful the night before
had gone, and wished that it could have just segued into a normal weekend.
But with the task of exiting Brad from the only home he had ever known, he
could only wish for the day to end soon.So little teen pussy far, the plan to support Brad during the week had gone really well, but
his would be the real test. Brad was often the "take charge" guy young wet teen pussy in the
relationship, and Mike was perfectly happy with this arrangement. He
trusted Brad with his life, and, to be honest, had to admit to athletic teen porn
himself that
he kind of liked being taken care of, knowing that there was always someone
there. Not exactly in line with his old self image of "Mike all alone,
against the world," but he wasn't complaining. Besides, on the other side
of the coin, he also knew how gratifying it felt to take care of Brad in
return. That felt best of all.And today was going to be one of those days, and he know from the get-go
that teen amature sex Brad would need all Mike's strength and support if he was going to
survive it. Watching his partner lethargically get out of bed was the
first sign that it would be just as tough of a day as he thought it would."Um, I'm not sure when we should leave. It will take around an hour to get
there, since there's no traffic today. What do you think?" Brad asked as
he wiped the sleep off out of his eyes."We need to get going as soon as we can," Mike said, as he pulled off the
t-shirt he had worn to bed. "Why don't we do our bathroom stuff then just
hit the road? I'd pret teen porn like to be all unloaded at my parent's place by dinner
time, hopefully before it gets dark out. We can stop at McDonalds or
someplace like that on the way and get some breakfast.Brad just replied with a quiet "OK."Mike sat back down and rolled over onto the other side of the bed, almost
doing a somersault in the process as he carefully landed himself next to
Brad, gently bumping their shoulders. "You all right, babe?" He kept his
hands on his own lap, though, and purposefully stopped from embracing him.
He would do all he could to make his support know, but thought at this
point, the less drama the better."Yea, it'll be fine. I guess we just need to teen porn actress get through this thing."
Brad replied. "Thanks, pup." Giving a gay teen help quick rub to the back of Mike's
hand, he finally got up and started his business in the bathroom.Mike never stopped being impressed with this guy. Sure, he was clearly
struggling with the situation, but who wouldn't? He porn anal teen
never took it out on
anyone, becoming nasty or irritable, though it was the kind of loss that
could, understandably, crush someone. Like having to walk straight into
the wind during a blizzard, he just pushed on.Two hours later, they pulled off the freeway, only a few minutes from
"ground zero." Mike had insisted on driving Brad's truck, the reverse of
their typical roles. It was a little off from his strategy of making
things as routine as one could reasonably expect in a situation like this,
but he thought that it might allow Brad to eat his breakfast easily and
catch the rural freeway scenery, something he always told Mike that he
really liked.Brad's hometown was the county seat, set in a rural agricultural area in
the north central part of little teen pussy the state, not far from the lake. As they drove
through the downtown area, it appeared much like other small Midwestern
towns where the shopping mall on the outskirts had drained away all the
activity from the old town center. Brad pointed out the Methodist church
that he had attended, as well as his high school, which was also abandoned
for a new building on the fringe teen web host porn of the town. These empty shells made a
fitting metaphor for the day, he thought."There's the Dairy Queen. At least it'll be open soon, when summer comes.
God, I just love that place. Nothing like soft ice cream." Brad said as
he smiled. "We have to find one of those somewhere this summer. Have you
ever had it?Mike was heartened by the brief spark of like from Brad. "No, I never
have, just the hard stuff that comes from the round container in the
freezer. I think there's one near the beach that we can go to this summer
though. We'll do it then," Mike replied, as the reached over and gave Brad
a light punch on the shoulder."Deal" Brad answered enthusiastically.But a moment later, with just three short words and a strong exhale of
breath, Mike saw the mood swing down again. "Turn in there," he said
quietly.Brad pointed at very small house, almost a cottage, just up ahead on the
right. There was a big tree in front, probably a Sugar Maple or something
like that. Brad had described to him once the tree in his front yard, how
he like to watch it change color in the fall, and as a kid would press the
fallen red and orange leaves between wax ftv teen porn movies paper for school projects. But
now the leaves were just emerging as small green buds."I'm going to back in, make it easier to load," Mike explained, as he
pulled beyond the drive. Besides making it easier to load, it would also
make it easier to leave.It was a different welcoming ritual than Mike was used to. Whenever he got
home, at least if it was a reasonable time, the front door would open, Tony
would rush out, and he would see someone standing in the front athletic teen porn door or
window. Or some neighbor kids would be out playing. And if it was dark,
the front porch light would come on or some other sign of life. But here
it was quiet, except for the hum of a distant lawn mower.Brad was about to get his keys out for the side door when he realized that
it was already open, so they both just walked directly into the kitchen
area, which formed one long space with the living room. Both of the areas
were pretty spartan, at least by the standards of Mike's family. Since he
had been at architecture school, Mike had learned to disdain some of the
family clutter, like the pictures, that his Mom had hung all over the
place. Not the clean, simple modernist furnishings that his professors
raved about. But he now had a new appreciation for his Mom's decorating
talents.Unlike Mike's house, Brad's didn't require people to take their shoes off
inside, so Brad just waved 16 teen porn gallery Mike off when he was about to remove them.
"Don't worry about it, we'll be going in and out a lot anyway" Brad just
finished his sentence when his Mom came into the room carrying athletic teen porn
teen titans jinx porn a cleaning
pail.Mike thought that she bore somewhat of a resemblance to him, but he wasn't
a dead ringer, or "his mother's son" as someone might say. She was a tad
overweight, though not grossly so, and wore an old-fashioned house dress
that you would only see on elderly women now, or from old 1950's movies."Hi" Brad said. It appeared to be the only word he could get out of his
mouth."Hello." She replied matter-of-factly. "You and your helper need to get
is all out as soon as possible. teen porn females Even the bed. We want that room for Rick
when he stays over, and we'll get him a new one.There was a young teen girl porn
long paused as they all stood there, before Brad spoke again.Surely bringing up the subject of his now estranged nephew was calculated
to hurt Brad, Mike thought. These people were every bit as mean and cruel
as he had imagined.Brad changed the subject, trying to move things on with what little emotion
he had left. "This is my friend Mike. Mike this is my mom.""Hello," she said again, very coldly, free teen blowjobs clips declining to shake Mike's hand,
another subtle, or not so subtle insult.Luckily for Brad, however, Mike couldn't have cared less about her
courtesies. He had held up final judgment of these people pending at least
meeting them, but the curt greeting that she had given her son immediately
sealed if for Mike. He only cared about Brad, and just dismissed the lack
of even basic civility as the authentic expression of here status as a true
moron."We, um... should start, uh with..." Brad was starting to stutter, even
though they had only just started. It briefly surprised Mike. Brad was
always a confident and assertive speaker when there was a job to be done.
Even if these assholes hadn't physically abused him, they had certainly
done the job on him emotionally."Let's go and take a look and sort things out. Lead the way." Mike said
as he put free teen slut tgp
his hand on Brad's shoulder and steered him where he thought the
bedrooms were. Leaving his mother behind, they went down the short hall to
the first room on the right. "The bathroom is down there at the end, if
you need it." Brad said.In response, Mike thought to himself, "Yes, in case I want to drown your
sweet mother in the bathtub. Or better yet, the toilet." Then brought
himself back to reality. "Everything?" Mike asked, as they surveyed the
room from the doorway. It was just was just a bed, chest of drawers, rug,
and small nightstand visible, with some sports posters on the wall. I
didn't look like a lot."Well, yea, everything here, plus free teen slut tgp the stuff in the closet." Brad went over
to the corner of the room and opened up the bifold doors.It was like he opened up a window to another world, beyond the plain white
walls of the room that they were in. Besides the clothes that were neatly
hung and stuffed to one side. there was shelf upon shelf of personal
mementoes. Besides trophies, there were framed school photographs and
boxes with labels such as "1st grade" and "Camp.' It was his whole life
before college.He could tell that Brad was about to get emotional, and so would he if he
just kept looking at what were really the archives of the life of Brad
North. Giving him another light punch to the shoulder, he told him their
strategy to get his mind back on the task of moving. "Let's get the big
stuff in first, then we'll work the small stuff in between them to fill in.
I think that we'll be able to get it all in but we're going to have to be
real efficient." Then he turned directly to Brad. "You going to be OK,
bud,? He asked again, concerned."Yea, I think so. I guess we should just get going," he said. Mike saw
him shake as he pulled himself away from the closet."Don't worry, babe," Mike young teen girl porn said, as he moved over to the athletic teen porn bed, pulling it out
from the wall as he called over to Brad, "it's all coming with us. Now,
let's get these sheets off so we can move this thing out."Mike wanted badly to stop and comfort Brad through the process, to do
whatever he could gay teen studio archive to take the pain away. But he knew that they had to keep
pressing ahead. There would be time for that later, but right now they
needed to just plow through the task. He saw how excruciatingly difficult
it all was for him, and was afraid that if Brad let it all get to him once
while still in this house that he might not make it out in one piece.
Amazingly, he soldiered on.Between the two of them working efficiently, it took about 4 hours for them
to get just about all of it into the truck, including cleaning out the
closet and finding miscellaneous other items in the attic and other places.
Mike thought things were going as well us they could, and was hoping that
they could get out of there before Brad's dad showed up. Unfortunately, his
Saturday shift at the factory was let off early, and he showed up before
the guys were able to finish.Mike was incredulous when he saw him as came in the same side door that
they were using to move things. He was short, much shorter than Brad, and
a bit on the chubby side, with a definite jowly look of too much eating and
not enough exercise. "And this was the guy who wanted Brad to take boxing
lessons to toughen him up," Mike thought as he smirked to himself. He just
stared at him for a moment, before he was given an introduction by Brad.There was something weird, here, Mike thought, but it wasn't the time to
discuss it. Brad never said anything about being adopted or anything like
that, but Mike could hardly believe that this guy was one of Brad's
parents, though his Mom had some vague resemblance. He remembered that
Brad had said that they called him an "accident," but assumed it was
something like a broken condom, that Brad was a just the product of a leak
in some cheap plastic bag.Like his wife, he refused the simple acknowledgement of a handshake, which
again didn't surprise Mike. It was just one more reason why he wanted to
get out there as soon as possible.Unlike Brad's mom, though, who had made herself scarce during the initial
move-out, Mr. North hung around in the living room. Brad tried to be civil
with him a few times, but he would only respond coldly or not at all Brad."Dad, you uh...um want to... uh keep any of these pictures of my grade
school stuff, with me and Ralph? He asked once. Mike noticed his
stuttering again."Not really. We got plenty of Ralph, and the ones with you just ruin it.
Keep `em," he replied free teen blowjobs clips
dismissively.Seeing this continual abuse of Brad put Mike almost beside himself with
rage, but he kept it as well as he could. They were almost done. Soon, he
hoped, he'd never see these assholes again. And with the last boxes just
about packed away, they were almost out of the woods..Brad was just coming in when he saw an overloaded Mike tottering down the
hall, clothes in one hand and a box full of pictures in the other, moving
as big a load as possible to in order to hasten their exit. He was wiping
his forehead with his sleeve when he saw his Dad approach the struggling
Mike in the hallway."You one of his queer friends, boy." The old man questioned. Mike didn't
answer, but rolled his eyes at the slight smell of booze on his breath. So
much for biblical abstinence.Not getting any answer, let alone the answer he wanted, Mr. teen porn clips North decided
to get belligerent. He got in front of the Mike, blocking his pathway out.
"Answer me boy. You one of his queer friends?Mike wouldn't normally be bothered by the guy, but was starting to get
nervous about this confrontation. Being defenseless with all the stuff in
his hands, he tried to maneuver around him in the hall, but Mr. North kept
getting in his way.Brad saw what was happening, watching and praying that nothing would come
to pass and that his Dad would come to his senses. Even more than Mike, he
didn't want a scene. And he never got confrontational or was ever defiant
with his folks.Mr. North was obviously counting on that precedent as he began belligerent
toward Mike.All he saw was that his dad went to grab Mike, like he remembered his Dad
grabbing him as a kid. The memories rushed in front of him, the hitting,
the pain the screaming. And then that fight at the company party, when he
first saw Mike get hit by someone.At that moment Mike ran over, grabbed his dad by the shoulders and threw
him up against the wall. The whole house shook with the impact."You fucker!" Brad yelled. He pulled his dad off the wall and threw him
against it a second time, the veins in Brad's neck and face bulging out.
"If you ever, ever, touch him again, I swear to god, I'll
fucking...I'll...""Brad! Stop! Let him down! He didn't hurt me, I'm OK" Mike was terrified,
not for himself but for Brad. Mike didn't see anger in Brad's face,
certainly what Mr. North saw, but more like a lot of pain. He didn't know
what kind of memories were unleashed from him at just that moment, but
whatever they were they had to be awful.Brad glanced over at the pleading Mike, but still wouldn't let his Dad
down, just held him up there, simmering, glaring at him. The old man was
shaking in his boots, he'd never expected that his son would ever touch
him. He thought that he nudist teens sex had intimidated him out of that.Just that minute Mrs. North came up behind them. "You put him down this
instant, Brad! Now! She barked. She was about to go for Brad's back when
Mike turned around and inserted himself between them."He gets down when he says what he has to say, doesn't he?" Brad asked
rhetorically, his eyes drilling into his Dad's. "As soon as he says it, he
gets down"The only sound was just the inhaling and exhaling from the hanging
Mr. North. At underaged teen porn pics
first, he was too surprised to answer. Then he was too
scared. It was clear that Brad no longer responded to his threats and
bullying, gay teen studio archive the tactics that worked so well in the past. Something was
different about him now, and it probably had something to do with this
friend he brought with him. There was some kind of new fire in Brad."Ugh...he mumbled, still hardly able to speak while hanging there. "yea, I
won't go near him... ever..." he was able to squeak out. "....just...let
me ftv teen porn movies down."As they were pulling out of the driveway, Brad didn't say a word, and
continued his silence for practically the entire drive back to Mike's
hometown. Not wanting to force anything with his clearly traumatized
partner, Mike would periodically reach his hand over and rub Brad's leg.
It wasn't until they were almost all the way desperate teens xxx
back, when he felt Brads hand
stir even a little and weakly scratch Mikes hand in return.They had arrived later than Mike had planned, and It was dark out by the
time they pulled into the driveway. Fortunately, he had warned his family
of a worst-case scenario and they were well prepared for the battered Brad.
They each greeted Brad with open arms, Mr. and Mrs. Kovar, and Hana, who
made a special trip back, and though he still said nothing, he tightly
returned the embrace of each of them.Mrs. Kovar especially held him for a long time. But even though he badly
wanted to let go, to fall apart, to cry his eyes out, the support and love
of these people, whom he hadn't even known for all that long, helped him
keep himself together."You go upstairs and rest, Bradley, OK?" she half ordered and half asked
him."I need to get this stuff unpacked, it's going to be in the way, especially
stuff like the bed, I need to...""We've got plenty of time for that, and also a lot of help for you" she
replied, "If it's all right with you, we'll unpack some of it for you
tonight. But you really need some rest, and Mike can go up there with
you." Brad just shook his head yes, petite nude teen
barely able to acknowledge them but
knowing that he himself simply couldn't go on anymore."Yes, and I think you'll need one of these," Mr. Kovar chimed in, as he
handed Brad a cold Urquell beer, a Czech specialty that he was now able to
get in the United States. "We like them warmer, of course, but I knew
you'd like it cold, so have a drink before you go up."Brad broke a small smile, and then took the beer in his hand and took a
deep, long slug of it, which made them all chuckle."Therapeutic, no? Mr. Kovar asked.Letting a smile desperate teens xxx escape his face, Brad replied, in little more than a
whisper, "yes, it is."Mike followed right behind him as he finally went up the stairs, moving
more like a ghost than a person, carried by inertia more than by his own
power. Reaching his hands up to Brad's hips, Mike kept him steady on the
slow march, stair by stair, up to the room.Gently pushing Brad onto the bed as he got into the room, he untied and
removed his shoes and then pulled off the socks. Brad sat mutely on the
edge, finally stirring enough to take off his own shirt, and, with Mikes
help, his pants.While Mike put the clothes away, Tony jumped onto the bed and rested his
head in Brad's lap, pulling Brad out of himself for just a moment as he
rested his hand jamaica teen porn between the dog's ears, gently caressing him. As teen porn up close Brad
stroked the dog, Mike gently rubbed Tony's back, each of them silent as
they continued to give Tony the much-wanted attention."You both need to sleep, so why don't you let Brad brush his teeth, and
then you can crawl in bed with him, OK?" Mike asked his eager pooch.Taking the hint, Brad got up and did his bedtime prep, finally returning as
Mike lifted the covers for him."Where are you going sleep, tonight, pup?" It was said more plaintively
than anything else, wanting to be sure that he wouldn't be far."Right down here on the floor, next to you. Just remember I'm here,
though, in case you get up to pee." He said with a smile, hoping to coax a
bit more life out of Brad."Hey, you can't do that. You need to sleep more than I do... I want you
to.."Cutting him off, Mike pushed him back into the bed. "We can talk about
this later, but tonight YOU are the one who needs to sleep. IN!" he
ordered. Too weak at this point to resist, he quickly followed Mike's
commands, an acknowledgement of the need for Mike's comfort and care in
what was probably one of the worst days of this life.While he slept, he dreamt that he heard some muffled pounding. Maybe it
was real, he thought, but maybe it's just a dream. Maybe the Kovars are
putting the bed back together, but, then again, why would they put teen titans jinx porn it
together anywhere but in the bedroom itself, since they'd never get it up
here if it was in one piece. In the end, he decided he could care less one
way or the other, he just wanted to drift off to some other place.Rousing himself in the morning, and checking on exactly where Mike was on
the floor next to him, he quietly got up, carefully making his way around
his snoozing partner to the bathroom downstairs. He'd been at the Kovars
long enough to know that Mr. Kovar might well be up, but in fact there was
no sign of him as he tiptoed into the bathroom for his morning release.When he came back out, he made a beeline for the kitchen, hoping to find
something to snack on and maybe some milk. He had declined any food the
night before, in spite of the insistence of Mrs. Kovar, so at this point
was completely famished. An odd thing, in spite of the trauma of the day
before, there was something very comforting about the Kovar house to him.
Though still down emotionally about what had happened, this house gave him
a lot of warmth and support, kindnesses that couldn't help but raise his
spirits.Noticing that something about the house was different, he couldn't quite
figure out what it was. The picture wall, Mrs. Kovars family "Hall of
Fame," seemed fat nude teens rearranged, as did the mantle piece and a few other walls,
but at first he couldn't gay teen porn websites figure out what was different. Even though he was
tired and famished, there was one young teen pussy toplist
thing he wanted to do before he ate.Returning to the foyer, he thought he'd indulge himself again by looking at
the pictures of Mike growing up, the one's he saw on his first visit. It
was the kind of thing that always gave him a high, seeing Mike as a kid,
and right now it seemed like just the kind of thing to help get him back on
his feet again.Just when he went to look at one of the baby pictures of Mike that he
really liked, he saw that it young wet teen pussy
was moved and that a new picture had gone up.
His jaw dropped and he was incredulous about what he saw.It was him. Brad. In one of his baseball pictures, on the championship
little league team. And there was another a few pictures away, of Brad's
high school graduation photo, next to Mikes.So that was the pounding that he heard last night! They were pounding in
nails to hang his pictures up with theirs. And teen porn clips
there were other things,
too. As he looked over to the living room, he some of his trophies were up
on the mantle piece, along with another picture, this of him receiving an
award form his high school principle. With some of his best memories right
alongside the Kovar families own, he knew he really had found a home.
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